Year One In Review

Dreaming Droids Productions has been in business for one full year – to the day – and we’ve done our best to make the most of it.

Our production reel, below, shows off all the projects we’ve completed to date, with original music by Kevin Pribulsky, and clips from:

  • Forever Young (2017 series pilot)
    • 2017 Award of Merit from Accolade Global Film Competition
    • 2017 Award of Merit from IndieFest Film Awards
    • Co-produced by Oh Penny Pictures
  • Unclean Hands (2016 short film)
    • 2016 Best Fight Choreography from Pittsburgh’s Horror 48-Hour Film Project
  • Hobo Hunters (2017 short film)
    • 2017 Audience Choice Award from Pittsburgh’s 48-Hour Film Project
    • Co-produced in association with Reckless Amnesiac Media
  • Mic Drop! (2017 short film)
    • 2017 4th Place from Rustic B’s Fight Scene Competition
    • 2017 Official Selection at Carnegie Screenwriters Script and Screen Festival
  • Rogue (2017 trailer)
    • Co-produced in association with Cineworx and Indieground Films



A production reel is just a look at the polished surface, of course. Although we lost several due to a technical glitch with our original web server, we’ve published over 45 blog articles (thanks to James Reinhardt, Mark Williams, Ian Altenbaugh, Elizabeth Brigham, Sloane Kady, Krista Creighton, Misha Davis, and Paul Nandzik), installed solar panels at our offices to help reduce our carbon footprint and overhead costs, onboarded the highly talented and very indispensable Jessica Nardulli as our Executive Assistant, and took advantage of professional development opportunities to include enrollment in a Film Technician certification program with expert instructors such as PJ Gaynard and Scott Conner, the United Stuntmens’ Association’s International Stunt School, SAFD’s Regent University’s Virginia Beach Bash Stage and Screen Combat Workshop, and training privately one-on-one with various industry experts.

Founder and President Paul Nandzik had the honor of being a guest speaking at Cathy Rescher’s 3 Rivers Screenwriters Conference, guest speaking at Steeltown Entertainment Project, and being interviewed by Carl Kurlander for Carnegie Screenwriters’ FadeIn show on PCTV and YouTube.

This is nothing to say of all the business meetings, networking events, and many yet-unfinished projects, including ongoing talks with a major studio on developing an original television series.

We would be remiss, of course, if we didn’t also acknowledge Kev Ferrara, who expertly illustrated our phenomenal logo!

Dreaming Droids Productions is additionally proud to be an official corporate sponsor of West Virginia Filmmakers Guild and Pittsburgh Film Office, with Paul Nandzik being a member of West Virginia Filmmakers Guild and Carnegie Screenwriters, and Misha Davis being a member of West Virginia Filmmakers Guild.

So that’s 365 days of very hard work (the very hard work that we’re allowed to talk about, anyway). We’re ready to push forward for another 365 days, and we hope that you continue to follow and support us in our mission to meld action and imagination into thought-provoking and engaging entertainment that promotes the southwestern Pennsylvanian and surrounding regions as a filmmaking hub that values artistic vision as part of the bottom line.

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