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Charlemagne and The Brain: Private DicksDevelopmentFeature film
"Joe Buono: Flight, Faith, and Family" (est. 2021)
ProductionFeature film (documentary)
"CHANGED" (2018)

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Music video for solo artist Krista Montgomery.
Forever Young (2017)
Even for the Queen of the Damned, high school is HELL!


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Forever Young with Paul Nandzik podcast interview by David Fairhead on Kettle Whistle Radio

Forever Young: Fun with Vampires article by Katie Trupiano on artventure pgh blog
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This half-hour supernatural high school dramedy is about an ancient vampire, bored with immortality, who finds fresh meaning to life masquerading as a student at Neil Young High School.

- 2017 Award of Merit from Accolade Global Film Competition
- 2017 Award of Merit from IndieFest Film Awards

Written, directed, and produced by Paul Nandzik.

Starring Ruthy Stapleton and David Ogrodowski.

“Thank you again for letting me be involved. Yes, it was tiring and frustrating, but I had a blast! Even grand adventures have their goblins…otherwise it would be a stroll, not an adventure! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, too. Thank you so very much, Paul.” ­ Misha Davis, Associate Producer

“Thanks so much, Paul, for including me in your “Forever Young” family. I had an absolute blast and had no clue you and your company are as Big Time as you are. My gosh, when I walked into New England Elementary that Saturday morning, I thought I freaking landed on a Hollywood set. Hugely, hugely impressive, and what an honor to have been offered Cap by our esteemed writer/director/producer! I hope I have more opportunities to hitch my wagon to your ascending comet. Thanks, man.” ­ Philip Bower, “Mr. Cap Keating” (supporting lead)

“I wanted to take the time (now that I’m FINALLY rested) to write you and express how much I enjoyed meeting and working alongside you on the set of “Forever Young.” It isn’t often that you get on a set where everybody clicks so well together and gets so much accomplished in a few days.” ­ Eric Koval, Gaffer

“What an intense weekend. Being 1st Assistant Director on the Forever Young pilot was an incredibly trying and rewarding experience. Thanks, Paul Nandzik, for having me on board and entrusting me with so much responsibility over your set, crew and talent. Thank you to everyone else for making my job that much easier with your effort and professionalism. Everyone enthusiastically gave 110% and it showed. It was great meeting everyone. I hope to work with everyone again soon!” ­ Joseph Stammerjohn, First Assistant Director

“Playing the part of Ghoul Servant in Forever Young was one of the best days of my life because not only did I get to undergo the brilliant special­ effects make­up work of Scott Conner but also I was blessed with the honor of acting opposite Ruthy Stapleton, not to mention being surrounded by a number of highly esteemed other individuals. Essentially it was one very good day doing really creative stuff with a lot of bright artistic friends who I love.” ­ David Ogrodowski, “Ghoul Servant” (lead)
Hobo Hunters (2017)
The TV show where the teams are ruthless and the hobos are worthless!

Watch free! (8:52 run time)
Three teams compete to win an all expense paid vacation to Honeyland in this slapstick satire on American society.

- 2017 Audience Choice Award from Pittsburgh's 48-Hour Film Project

Written by Ian Altenbaugh, Joseph Bucci, Paul Nandzik, Misha Davis, Adam Shahen, and Andrew Mario Bogaski

Directed by Joseph Bucci and Ian Altenbaugh.

Produced by Paul Nandzik, Joseph Bucci, Ian Altenbaugh, and Adam Shahen.

Starring Charles Mengine, Luna Mengine, Paul Nandzik, Andreas O'Rourke, Keith Hernandez, Joelle Litman, and Ian Altenbaugh.
Mic Drop! (2017)
The Air Struggle Is Air Real

Watch free! (4:08 run time)
When the lead singer of an air band insists on mic dropping real microphones after every performance, the band's audio tech loses it.

- 2017 4th Place in Rustic B's Fight Scene Competition

Written by Paul Nandzik
Directed by Nathaniel Peters and Paul Nandzik.

Produced by Paul Nandzik and Misha Davis.

Starring Katie Maloney and Paul Nandzik.
Rogue (2017)

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This sizzle reel features protagonist Sylla on the run from a mysterious government agency.

Written and directed by Mark Cantu.

Produced by Cineworx (Mark Cantu, Liz Cantu), Dreaming Droids Productions (Paul Nandzik, Misha Davis), and Indieground Films (Alex Cassun).

Starring Katie Maloney, Dave Petti, and Tom Mirth.
Unclean Hands (2016)
What does family mean to you?

Watch free! (7:39 run time)
When a mechanic's failing family business is seized by the bank, he turns to the occult to find a solution. Meanwhile, a nearby family struggles to keep their lives together in spite of alcoholism, abuse, and more.

- 2016 Best Fight Choreography from Pittsburgh Horror 48-Hour Film Project

Written by Paul Nandzik and Mark Williams.

Directed by Paul Nandzik.

Produced by Paul Nandzik and Misha Davis.

Starring Leila Rea, Luke Deal, Kelsey Jamison, and Craig Alan Putman.
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