Dreaming Droids Productions

Where Action Meets Imagination



The human condition is a remarkable thing.  Dress a human up (or down) any way you like – in a space suit, a loin cloth, or anything in between – but they’re still human.  They still feel love and rage and pain and envy.  They’re still strong yet fragile, clever yet oblivious, prolific creators yet great destroyers.  We see ourselves as kings, slaves, martyrs and more through the mirror-like reflections of compelling characters in our stories.  That’s another funny thing about humans – we see ourselves in everything.  And as we plunge ever deeper into a gray sea of transhumanism as man and machine meld more and more, exploring our unique condition becomes critical.

Whether it’s what life might be like in another reality, or what may lie just over the horizon, let us show you a glimpse of what we see in our dreams…where action meets imagination.



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