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Abigail Starr Holzhausen


Abigail Starr Holzhausen is a feminist first, a filmmaker second, and last but not least, an avid lover of leggings.  She is the writer/director of The Blind Gynecologist and the author of several hundred unpublished poems.  She resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her gender fluid gerbil, Buddy.


Sloane Kady

Sloane Kady’s a kombucha-drinking, oil-diffusing, Earth-worshipping, horror-loving, truth-telling, tattooed painter, best-selling author, doll-maker (her favorite job), wife (her other favorite job), and all-around wild woman. She’s got sharp edges, but her heart is big…even if it is full of curse words and dark, twisted notions (insert maniacal laughter).

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she now resides in beautiful Washington State, just outside Seattle. You can find her most recent contemporary suspense novel, SLEIGHT, on Amazon, along with her debut novel, IRREPARABLE DEEDS, and several anthologies featuring her short psychological horror stories.

Sloane deals in honesty–it’s her favorite tool to wield. After all, things coated in candy only rot your insides, and sometimes salt is the best thing for an open wound.


Krista Creighton

Krista Creighton is ten parts filmmaker and two parts adorable with just a tad of killer instinct. She currently uses coastal Virginia as her base of operations while she pursues her MFA in Film and Television. She previously earned her Bachelor’s in Virtual Technology and Design at the University of Idaho. It was there that her VFX and indie film friends sucked her into the film life. But she doesn’t mind. After all, she didn’t choose the film life. It chose her. While not filmmaking/working/finishing her MFA, Krista likes to relax by practicing her jian swordsmanship or by exploring the historic and quirky architecture that the east coast has to offer (All of which lead her to fascinating stories which color her scripts and short films).

Mark Williams

Mark Williams is a science fiction writer who has written for Star Wars, The Transformers, and a variety of pop culture websites and newspapers. Long ago he studied poetry at the University of Maryland, but don’t hold that against him!

He currently lives is St. Louis, Missouri where he can be found looking for the perfect pizza.

Elizabeth Brigham

Elizabeth is a permanent resident of Utica, NY, where she was born and raised.  She is also a current college student at the SUNY University at Albany, majoring in Communications & Rhetoric and minoring in Art.  She also works as a Campus Tour Guide.  Elizabeth also previously earned an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design from Mohawk Valley Community College.

When not in school, Elizabeth serves as a Communications Specialist and Investigator with the Ghost Seekers of Central New York.  Her interests heavily focus around history, philosophy, sociology, and art, with hobbies that include reading, hiking, camping, drawing, and watching comedy or learning more about the unknown.

 Ian Altenbaugh
Ian Altenbaugh is a Pittsburgh-based writer and indie filmmaker. Raised by puppets and R-rated movies, Ian is best known for the independent short films he’s produced, such as Transience, Reckless, The Three Chocolatiers, and Boomer the Dog. He also writes about hockey, fancies himself a bit of a gourmand, and he designs a lot of dank memes.