Please Welcome Sloane Kady!

Please join us in welcoming Sloane Kady to the Dreaming Droids Productions’ blog writing team!

Sloane Kady’s a kombucha-drinking, oil-diffusing, Earth-worshipping, horror-loving, truth-telling, tattooed painter, best-selling author, doll-maker (her favorite job), wife (her other favorite job), and all-around wild woman. She’s got sharp edges, but her heart is big…even if it is full of curse words and dark, twisted notions (insert maniacal laughter).

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she now resides in beautiful Washington State, just outside Seattle. You can find her most recent contemporary suspense novel, SLEIGHT, on Amazon, along with her debut novel, IRREPARABLE DEEDS, and several anthologies featuring her short psychological horror stories.

Sloane deals in honesty–it’s her favorite tool to wield. After all, things coated in candy only rot your insides, and sometimes salt is the best thing for an open wound.

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