Please Welcome Krista Creighton!

Please join us in welcoming Krista Creighton to the Dreaming Droids Productions’ blog writing team!

Krista Creighton is ten parts filmmaker and two parts adorable with just a tad of killer instinct. She currently uses coastal Virginia as her base of operations while she pursues her MFA in Film and Television. She previously earned her Bachelor’s in Virtual Technology and Design at the University of Idaho. It was there that her VFX and indie film friends sucked her into the film life. But she doesn’t mind. After all, she didn’t choose the film life. It chose her. While not filmmaking/working/finishing her MFA, Krista likes to relax by practicing her jian swordsmanship or by exploring the historic and quirky architecture that the east coast has to offer (All of which lead her to fascinating stories which color her scripts and short films).

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