Psychic Suppers

Hello, and welcome to Dreaming Droids Productions’ private “appendix” for reality show concept Psychic Suppers, where you can find a mock-up of the opening credits as well as a cast and crew overview.




Paul Nandzik

Executive Producer

President and Founder of Dreaming Droids Productions and Steel Legion Stunts, Paul has worked in entertainment for six years, and is best known as a stunt professional, though he is also a skilled writer, producer, and director.  He is personally a member of the United Stuntmen’s Association, West Virginia Filmmakers Guild, and Carnegie Screenwriters, and his production company is an official corporate sponsor of the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild as well as the Pittsburgh Film Office.

Having grown up seeing ghosts, Paul has explored various schools of mysticism, spiritualism, and religion.  He is trained in reiki (energy healing), is a natural dream telepath, has become adept at geomancy and pendulum/divining work, has divined portal locations and closed them, and has communicated with otherworldly entities in various ways for many years.  Most of his experiences have been, thankfully, positive.

Paul was born and raised in central New York, and went to college primarily in western New York, the whole region of which is famously haunted.  A private village of psychic mediums, Lily Dale, exists just two miles away from his alma mater (SUNY College at Fredonia).  Paul currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA, which is also haunted, though less so than any other place he’s lived.

One of his more interesting but grounded encounters was when he had to come to terms with an angry Native American spirit (Iroquois or Mohawk) when living in a house built near a known burial mound in central New York.

You can learn more about Paul by visiting his digital portfolio and IMDb profile.


Misha Davis

Co-Executive Producer

Originally from Looneyville, WV and a current transplant to Pittsburgh, PA, Misha helped co-found and is current Vice President of Dreaming Droids Productions.  She took on this role after working on the Forever Young pilot with Paul Nandzik, where her hard work and dedication led to her promotion to Associate Producer on that project.  She has continued in her support role as Producer with various short films, is Editor-in-Chief of the company’s weekly blog, and lends her business insight to all projects (especially in the departments of Human Resources, Finances, and Post-Production).  Continuing to develop her professional skill set, she is currently earning her Film Technician certification with the goal of specializing in video editing.

As an empath, Misha is more naturally attuned to the spirit world, which, in turn, draws entities to her.  She has been a medium, divined the location of and closed portals, and interacted with a variety of non-corporeal entities.  She also has some experience with reiki (energy healing) and psychometry, and has begun exploring mystic symbols, including the creation of sigils. When her brother passed away in 2012, she joked (as they had when he was alive) that he would haunt her. In 2015, she began to suspect that this was no longer a joke, but had become a reality and today has periodic conversations with him whenever he makes his presence known.

You can find even more information about Misha on her IMDb profile.


Dennis Webster

Producer, Host & Lead Historical Researcher

Dennis Webster is a certified paranormal investigator with the Ghost Seekers of Central New York. He’s conducted haunted historical ghost walks, ghost investigations, and spooky events for non-profits and historical societies.

He’s the published author of the best-selling ghost books; Haunted Utica, Haunted Old Forge, and Haunted Mohawk Valley. He’s also the author of the true crime books Wicked Adirondacks, Wicked Mohawk Valley and the newly released Murder of a Herkimer County Teacher: The Shocking 1914 Case of a Vengeful Student. He’s an expert on 19th century Lunatic Asylums, patient care and treatments, having written his experiences in the book, Old Main: NYS Lunatic Asylum at Utica.


Bill Vinci

Producer & Host

Bill grew up working in his family’s restaurant (Vinci’s Restaurant), from busboy to head cook and everything in between.  With experience in every facet of running a restaurant, Bill became the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of Empire Plate, which has aired over 100 episodes on WKTV Utica (NY) and Fox 68 Syracuse (NY).  The show focuses on family-owned restaurants in the central New York region.

Bill has no experience with the paranormal, but is very interested in exploring it.


Ghost Seekers of Central New York

On-Camera Paranormal Investigators

The Ghost Seekers of Central New York are a spiritually-based team that uses positive karma and prayer to communicate with spirits, while capturing evidence of the interactions using modern ghost hunting equipment, including night vision capable cameras, full spectrum photography, high end digital recorders for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), and spirit boxes.  However, nothing beats personal experiences interacting with spirits, and the group has most notably encountered a Grim Reaper-like shadow person at a church from the early 1800s (and caught it on night vision video footage), channeled an angry priest, and been pushed down stairs by an angry entity.

Current members include Bernadette Peck, David Peck, Dennis Webster, Josh Aust, Len Bragg, Ed Livingston, Joe Ostrander, Helen Clausem, and Elizabeth Brigham.  Members have varying specialties, backgrounds, and experiences, including tech experts, certified paranormal investigators, empaths, spiritual advisors, and historians/researchers/writers.

Learn more about the Ghost Seekers of Central New York by visiting their Facebook Page.


Adrienne Wagner

Director of Photography

Adrienne Wagner is a Cinematographer originally from Indianapolis, IN. After receiving degrees in Media Production and Communication from Indiana University, Adrienne moved to Portland, OR where she began editing and shooting video for a local production company. Since relocating to Pittsburgh, PA in 2016, Adrienne has taken on the role of Cinematographer in the feature film Bystander, as well as several short films, a feature documentary, and various commercial projects. Her first short film, completed in the last month of her undergraduate career, My Grandpa’s Garage, has been featured in film festivals throughout the United States, including the national CINE awards, Indianapolis’ Heartland Film Festival, and the historic Clinton Theater shorts program in Portland. Though she shoots mostly digital material now, Adrienne continues to experiment with her Super 8 camera for fun when she can.

Adrienne has worked for the Travel Channel show The Dead Files in terms of “ghost type things,” and had some intense paranormal encounters in her youth during urban exploration of the abandoned Central State Mental Institution in Indianapolis.  Rumors persist that someone in the group pissed their pants in fear.

An avid traveler, Adrienne has visited five countries in the past year, and is halfway through her goal of visiting all 50 states.

Learn more about Adrienne at her website and IMDb profile.


Chris Bell

Audio Engineer

Chris Bell is an Audio Engineer from Pittsburgh, PA, and has undergone extensive training and professional development (Cobblesound Studios and Recording, Radio, Film, and Entertainment Career Connection), allowing him to work as a professional Location Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Re-Recording Mixer, ADR Mixer, Sound Supervisor, Foley Mixer, and Music Editor.

With over 60 IMDb credits to his name, Chris has done audio production work on films starring Alicia Silverstone, Tom Sizemore, Diane Franklin, Grainger Hines, and Keith David.  That’s not to mention his TV work for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, ESPN live pregame coverage of the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals, and ad work for Giant Eagle, Carnegie Mellon University, and California University.

Chris has no experience with the paranormal, but is open to the idea.

Learn more about Chris at his IMDb profile.